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How can your Tampa Bankruptcy Attorney help you:

Simple debt relief for people of modest assets and average income. Most people keep all of their assets, including a car and home, in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

A complex reorganization for high worth individuals or corporations. Typically an individual should file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy if they owe more than $1.1 Million in secured debt or over $275,000 in unsecured debt.  This type of reorganization under the bankruptcy code is usually for a company that could be viable but for certain debt. Typically is a company is sitting on real estate that has a large mortgage and lower actual value we may be able to revalue the mortgage to save the company.  A company should have consistent income or with a little help be able to create consistent income and have a war chest to move forward.  That is to say do not wait until the last minute to consider saving your company in a chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy A simplified reorganization for people with assets or above average income. A chapter 13 bankruptcy may also help reorganize secured debt, slike a mortgage or car loan. In addition, we often use chapter 13 bankruptcy to reorganize tax debt, or property taxes or fees owed to home owners or condo associations. We can often reduce the loan on a car to the value of the car and spread the payments over an additional 60 months at 5.25% interest. For homes a Chapter 13 can often help catch up on late mortgage payments. Chapter 13 Mortgage Modification Bankruptcy

A reorganization to modify a mortgage or remove a second mortgage or equity line.  This type of bankruptcy requires working with the banks to get a modification for the mortgage.  Although this is a voluntary action by the banks, it is often results in a better payment plan than a conventional chapter 13 bankruptcy where we would make the payments of the bank amount due, or arrears, over the 60 month life of a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.

A complex reorganization for a small business or corporation Creditor Inquiry

Creditor and Bankruptcy Litigation

What to look for in a bankruptcy attorney:

A lawyer that meets your needs: Make sure your bankruptcy lawyer understands what you need out of the case. Each case is unique and you should be certain that your attorney asks the specific questions and answers your concerns about income, assets, debt and other issues that you feel are relevant. Even if they do not apply to the case, counsel should take the time to make certain your questions are covered. Do not go to a Mill: There is little if any different in costs between a mill with offices through out the state, country or even the city, and the costs for a one shop bankruptcy expert. The bankruptcy court typically sets the fees that are allowed in a case, so you are not likely to save money by going to a bankruptcy mill that just does paper processing. The Quality of the work that you receive could be greatly different. The typical bankruptcy mill does not use attorneys to do their work. Clients will meet with para-legals or legal support and not with an attorney. Ultimately an attorney may show up in court, but that is of little comfort if you have never had the opportunity to meet that lawyer before. An expert in the field: Again, there is little difference in the cost from an expert bankruptcy expert and a novice that is learning the area (Often a novice may not know that fees are limited and may cost more than an expert). If you bankruptcy attorney does not file various types of cases, or has other limitations on what they can do for you or discuss with you in bankruptcy, move on. Make certain your Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneyis up to date on changes in bankruptcy: In 2005, there was a substantial change to the bankruptcy code. This change has resulted in a flood of corrections to the bankruptcy code. Add to this the financial crisis that has called for revisions to help the average family, and there is seemingly constant change to the bankruptcy code. A bankruptcy expert is needed to not only be up to date on these changes, but also to understand how these changes may impact your case. You must have a comfortable relationship with a bankruptcy attorney: A bankruptcy is a short process typically only lasting four months for a chapter 7 bankruptcy and 3-5 years for a chapter 11 or 13. Regardless of the short duration, you must be comfortable discussing your questions with your bankruptcy attorney. If your bankruptcy attorney has pushed you off on a para-legal or other staff, or in any way makes you feel scared, intimidated or rushed, you should find new counsel. Many attorneys use scare tactics to sell their business, if you find an attorney that makes you feel that you are in an unnecessary rush, get a second opinion.   Did you know:    
Short Sale – Mortgage ModificationsTampa Foreclosure Defense Lawyers at the Galewski Law Group, may be able to help you save your home through a mortgage modification, short refinance or principal reduction mortgage modification.  We may be able to use the bankruptcy code to remove or completely strip off a second mortgage, home equity line, or HELOC.  If you want to sell your home or investment property we may be able to help convice the bank, investor, PMI or other mortgage holder to forgive the debt or deficiency on the mortgage; that is that you may not be responsible to pay anything on the difference between the value or sale price of the property and the amount owed on the loan or mortgage.
In addition we may be able to help minimize or remove any tax consequences of a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure or other debt  forgiveness.For more information about Short Sales, Mortgage Modifications or a deed in lieu of foreclosure Click below:      
    Your Tampa bankruptcy attorneys at the Galewski Law Group are available at 855-Stan-the-Man, and  provide Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Personal Injury, foreclosure defense, mortgage modification, Divorce and Accident representation to clients throughout the Tampa Bay Area in cities that include Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and throughout Hillsborough , Pinellas , Manatee , Pasco County, Polk County, Sarasota County and Hardee County. 412 E. Madison Street *  Suite 1106 * Tampa, FL 33602 * Stan “The Man” Galewski * * 813-222-8210