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INTERNATIONAL LAWYER International law is the interaction of laws of various countries and the generally accepted or adopted rules between countries. At the Galewski Law Group we have worked with various multi-national companies, as well as with the European Union and U.S. Government to help problem-solve and develop law in the international arena. Members of the firm and the staff are proficient in Polish, Swedish, German and other languages so we can help protect your rights in the US or abroad. International law is not only about fighting for legal rights, but selecting the proper forum and legal rules to best protect your interests.

We have worked with international conventions such as the Convention for the International Sales of Goods, fought for changes in European Banking and Securities laws, served process on defendants hiding on Caribbean islands and have protected small farmers in South America while importing flowers to the US. Whatever problems your company faces, here or abroad, we can help find the solution. Significant Representations: * Successfully represented foreign manufacturer to import medical equipment and obtain custom clearance for new technology. * Successfully represented international banking conglomerate as white knight purchaser of bankruptcy debtor corporation. * Successfully represented family in cross boarder insolvency and divorce proceedings including recovery and protection of foreign assets. * Successfully recovered assets from opposing party attempting to hide significant assets in Asia- Pacific ring. * Successfully represented Asian company as creditor against debtor in recovery of fraudulent transfer by domestic partner. 1112 E. Kennedy Blvd. * Tampa, FL 33602 * T 813.222.8210 * F 813.222.8211