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At the Galewski Law Group we take the same pride and dedication exhibited in our sophisticated corporate practice and shift it to our insurance defense practice. When represented by a GLG attorney, the insurance company and the adjuster will know that they are offered the highest level of legal protection. Beyond legal know-how, we at GLG have already proven ourselves in the Federal Court System. This background brings to insurance defense legal counsel above the theatrics and petty problems normally associated with overly aggressive plaintiffs attorneys. At GLG we do not tolerate violations of legal etiquette or rule..

This gives our clientele comfort and protection that they need to feel comfortable in dealing with what otherwise may be an unpleasant opposing counsel. This time and dedication is not without cost, however through the use of flat fee arrangements and similar alternative billing systems, we have been able to absorb this cost and provide the utmost protection and service to our clients. Similarly, since we will work with alternative billing arrangements, not only have we removed the need for fee auditors and fee adjustments, but we create an environment which fosters expedient, efficient resolution of claims. Significant Representations: * Successfully represented self-insured entity with multiple law suits arising from d&o claims. * Successfully represented traders from large investment firm with issues arising from out-of-house transactions. * Successfully represented investment brokers with issues from FINRA complaints. * Successfully represented Florida Appraisers and Real Estate Brokers with issues from complaints from Florida Department of Profession responsibility and other governing agencies. 412 E. Madison Street * Suite 1106 * Tampa, FL 33602 * T 813.222.8210 * F 813.222.8211