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Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer Accident attorneys at Galewski Law group, P.A. are available at 855-Stan-the-Man or 813-222-8210. By now you have seen our commercials or the billboards around town. What those billboards and commercials cannot convey is the number of satisfied people that we have helped over the years. Most of our clients are still through referrals, and that says a lot about our law firm and our injury practice. What make us different is that our injury attorneys will actually work with you and work on your case There are a number of other firms in town, or in Orlando that pretend to litigate cases in Tampa Bay, but many of those firms merely only send demand letters. If the case is not settled in 60 days they will withdraw or refer the case to some one that you have never met. Many of these firms rely heavily on their staff to handle all of the case. One such attorney recently bragged that he has not even signed a letter in a year. At the Galewski Law Group, P.A., you will know the attorney working on you. That same attorney will know you and your case when you call. We are there to help you rebuild after your accident and are willing to go that extra mile to assure that you are taken care of every step of the way. Call us today to learn how we can help you maximize your recovery after your injury.

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When an auto accident takes place, there are two sides, the culprit and the victim. These lawyers specialize in handling both kinds of parties. They are responsible for helping clients in completing the legal formalities, in getting them acquitted or even getting the best possible remuneration. People, should keep in mind, that in case of auto accidents, negligence of any legal duty or noncooperation of any type with the law enforcement authorities would make them punishable by law. With a lawyer by their side, people would not only be following the law like a model citizen, but would also be standing good in the eyes of the law enforcement authorities. Getting a personal injury attorney (Personal Injury Attorney Tampa) might be easier than people might think. All that people have to do is to contact a law agency, and they would provide people with a list of attorneys specializing in such cases. If people want they can also reach them via phone or email. Also, people could turn to their friends and relatives for any references. A personal Injury attorney would help out people in handling everything related to the legal ramifications that may be involved in such a case. There are many advantages of appointing an accident lawyer. The main advantage is that people would be doing the right thing. This way, they would be taking the best possible course, both if they are guilty or if they are not. On the other hand, as far as the victim of an auto accident is concerned, that person would have the advantage of getting justice and best possible amount of remuneration. Fortunately, the costs involved for hiring an automobile accident lawyer, are very low, so that people do not have to think too much while appointing such a lawyer. Unlike other lawyers such lawyers do not overcharge their clients and also offer effective services that tend to be highly satisfactory. We are located in central Downtown Tampa at 412 E. Madison Street * Suite 1106 * Tampa, FL 33602 * Stan “The Man” Galewski * * 813-222-8210