TAMPA CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER At the Galewski Law Group we understand that drunk driving or criminal charges are not just a case, but a question of your freedom and legal privileges. Our experience includes service to the New York Supreme Court’s criminal prosecution calendar, as well service to the appellate jurisdiction, servicing criminal appellate cases, of Florida’s Eighth Judicial Circuit. We use this experience to assure the best results under the circumstances. We have seen many accused lose their freedoms by taking advice from inmates or friends and we are here to provide knowledgeable legal counsel and to help you navigate through this troubling time. If you are accused of a crime or DUI we will work to prove your innocence or to negotiate the most freedom. Remember it is your freedom on the line, do not speak to the authorities until you have consulted with a lawyer.

All criminal charges are serious and can have long lasting ramifications from you. We have handled significant criminal matters and have handled more simple matter such as traffic tickets, Dog Bite, Animal Control and county criminal matters. Make sure you have some one qualified on your side and please do not take advice from friends and cell mates. Call an attorney first– you only get one day in Court.