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Tampa Divorce Lawyers at the Galewski Law Group understand that matters of family and marital law are more than legal issues, but questions of heartbreak and frustration. You need to carefully analyze your current situation, your goals and the risks of each action. The decisions that you make or that are made for you during the dissolution of a marriage or in a child custody and support dispute may have long term consequences. Even if a friend has gone through a similar situation, each case is unique. Do nto let their experience dictate how you will go into the next chapter of your life.Call 855-Stan-the-Man or 813-222-8210 and get a Tampa Divorce Lawyer or Tampa Family Law Attorney on your side who will explain the legal process and the long term effects of the divorce and child custody proceedings Our Tampa Family Law Attorneys know that our priority is your comfort and your future

Our Tampa Divorce Lawyers will take the time to explain the legal process, the options that are available to you and the consequences of each decision. No one can guarantee results, but your Tampa Family Law Attorney at the Galewski Law Group can guarantee that we will be there to make sure that you are comfortable with the process and that you know the most is being done to protect you and your family.




This is a great misconception. There was a significant law change in regard to child custody and timesharing that took effect on October 1, 2008, but that law does not necessarily translate to equal time. The Court is looking to remove the fight over primary residential rights and now wants people to focus on how they will share time with the child. This is different from mandatory 50/50 time. The Court must still look to the best interest of the child to determine how time will be shared between the parents. To evaluate the specifics of your case contact your Tampa divorce attorney.

I am up-side-down or have negative equity in my home, how do we divide the property? If you owe more than your house is worth, the court will typically agree with any agreement that you and your spouse may decide upon. Options that have worked are that the property is treated as an asset and the mortgage is treated as a liability and each item is divided accordingly. Other times the property is sold and each side will pay a portion of the loss at closing. More often than not, the property will be either paid by one spouse that will continue to live in the home, or the house will be sold via short sale, where the bank will work with the parties and cover the loss. Did you know: Bankruptcy – Debt Relief Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneys at the Galewski Law have been involved in over 1,000 cases over the last decade, but we take a personal approach to each bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy is a simple legal process but a complex personal decision that could impact many areas of your life. Our bankruptcy attorneys are careful to go through each area of your financial life to assure that you are making the right decision, the course that you take will be best suited to reach your goals, and we do everything we can to make the bankruptcy process an easy one for you. In reviewing your current financial position, we must also look to your financial future to assure that life after bankruptcy gives you not only the fresh start that you need, but reaches other goals that you may have. After bankruptcy you may want to buy a car, house, or get other credit. It is best to sit down with a qualified bankruptcy attorney with substantial experience that can help you address all of your needs, and can assist you in understanding the process to get out of your debt and into a better future. In addition to Bankruptcy, we carefully compare your debt relief options with asset protection strategies to assure that you do not have to pay more than your fair share to your creditors. We utilize a significant number of tools in house including Mortgage Modifications, in or out of bankruptcy, Short Sales, principal reduction short refinances, debt renegotiation, and bankruptcy under Chapter 7, 11, or 13.

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