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Social Security attorneys at the Galewski Law Group understand the stress and emotional confusion that may accompany an loss of employment or an inability to work. The reasons for a disability are as varied as people. If you are injured, sick, or otherwise incapable of working a regular job, you may be entitled to disability compensation. Social Security Claims are available for just about anyone that can no longer work. Your right to disability compensation should not be tied to yoru ability to work a system. It should be based on your rightful need. Unfortunately, if you do not have someone that is familiar with disability claims on your side, you will likely be denied. You need someone on your side, you need a lawyer that is skilled in negotiation, litigation and injury matters

Fortunately, it typically does not cost anything for you to have a disability lawyer on yoru side. Generally, the SSA will require you to apply through their web page before an attorney can help you move a case forward. The Social Security Administrative Court is designed for an appeal and not an initial application. Please apply through the web page and call us once you have your denial. Our Fees are generally paid by the social security administration above and beyond any money you recover.. It is important to have an attorney help you as soon as you think you may be eligible for disability claims. There is no cost or obligation to get information, there is a great potential for loss by not getting information early. If you may have a disability, contact a Tampa a Disability Attorney Immediately. At GLG we work for you. We receive nothing unless we recover for you. Our goal is to make this time as comfortable as possible for you and to help you receive your maximum recovery for your disability. Call the Galewski Law Group for a free no obligation consultation. Call 813-222-8210 for a confidential free consultation to discuss how we can help you. 412 E. Madison Street * Suite 1106 * Tampa, FL 33602 * T 813.222.8210 * F 813.222.8211